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Why An Active Adult Should Purchase Their New Home From a Developer Who Specializes in 55+ Living

Would you purchase a car from a motorcycle dealership? Sure, cars and motorcycles are both vehicles and forms of transportation, but when purchasing a car you want to go to a dealership that specializes in cars.

The same goes for purchasing a new construction home as an active adult. All new home communities are NOT created equally and the same goes for the developers who create them.  In general, all new home communities check off the following criterias for buyers:

  • They're brand new
  • They offer shiny new appliances, new HVAC, new roofs
  • Buyers have at least some customization options
  • They usually offers some form of amenity on-site

 But if you're a person over the age of 55 with kids no longer in the home full-time, and more time to focus on personal enjoyment as an active adult, you have buying criteria that goes beyond what is mentioned above:

  • You want to live in a home that can accommodate your needs in the future
  • You want to spend less time mowing the lawn and more time doing things you enjoy 
  • You want to be able to socialize with people who have similar interests
  • You want to live in a neighborhood with just the right balance of peace and fun
  • You want to enjoy amenities like a clubhouse and pool without constant games of 'Marco Polo' going on in the background

So why would you want to purchase a home in a community where the developer does not specialize in the wants and needs of active adults?

Most developers and home construction companies want to build homes that serve the widest range of buyers. They build great communities and beautiful homes with lots of amenities like playgrounds, tot lots, basketball courts, and clubhouses with pools and splash zones.  But while these new communities might be able to check off all the requirements on your list, it's important to also consider the factors you are NOT looking for in a new home community. Do you really want your pool to have a splash zone when relaxation is important to you? A basketball court might sound nice, but do you want the bright lights and shouting at night if peace and quiet is important to you? When you buy a new home in a community built by a developer who specializes in active adult (and yes, even retirement) living, you can feel secure that the decisions made in the construction of your home and overall community were made with your unique age group in mind. 

That's why we are so proud to be the developers of SummersGate Active Lifestyle Community in Salisbury. Here, we take care of mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, and removing the snow. Buyers have so many customization options when it comes to their condo, villa or single-family home. And when you don't have to mow, rake or shovel outside, you can spend time in the home of your dreams... specially built with YOU, an active adult, in mind. Need or want more room? Head over to the SummersGate clubhouse to enjoy a state-of-art fitness gym, game room, entertaining space, or salt-water pool (in warmer months, of course).

So if you want more information about why purchasing a home in a community built specifically for active adults is a better choice, call us at 410-543-8750. We'd be happy to chat with you!