Construction continues to forge ahead at Middletown at a great pace. The team on-site has been incredibly busy–and has plenty to show for it!

Kati Cohn, the Director of Community Relations for Vantage Point, caught up with the Senior Project Manager for Horst Construction, Jake Moyer. Jake gave us a quick overview of everything done and in the works. In February and March, the team completed:

  • Building A’s stair tower
  • Elevator towers for buildings A & B
  • Extended stairs and elevators into the basement
  • Foundation footers
  • and visible vertical progress!

Jake also clued us in to progress we can expect to see in the weeks to come. We’ll see the concrete slab be poured, and framing going up for walls! 

The excitement on-site is tangible and we’re so excited to see this community continue to develop over the coming weeks and months!

Check out the video below to see the progress for yourself!


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