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Arcadia - July Construction Update

The recent heatwave has NOT slowed down progress at Arcadia! For this month's construction update, Adam of Paul Risk Construction visited Arcadia for look at what's been going on since our last update. Check out the video below to see the fourth stair tower nearing completion, steel going up at one side of the building, and lots (and lots, and lots) of construction being poured!


Want to know what else hasn't slowed down? Our growing list of depositors that is! Since our Discovery Event earlier this month, we've welcomed many new friends  to the Arcadia family and we couldn't be happier. It has been an absolute pleasure to see so many of the new relationships being formed as the community continues to take shape. 

Arcadia depositors have taken this step because they recognize independence is so much more than staying at home for as long as possible... Independence is a lifestyle that allows a person the freedom to explore life however they wish and the flexibility to define their own future.

So if you're ready to TRULY embrace an independent lifestyle and join a community of people looking to do the same, let's get in touch and we'll have an ABSOLUTELY pressure-free talk. No sales tactics or gimmicks. 

You can reach me at 610-981-1904 or kcohn@vpretirement.com, you can even schedule your own appointment with me here - request an appointment.

Warm Regards,
Kati Cohn,
Director of Community Relations