Getting Through the Winter Blues

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The days are short and the holidays have wound down. The weather is dreary, cold and downright depressing. It's easy for anyone, of any age, to catch a case of the winter blues!

But what can you do to fight the blues when old man winter is at his strongest? Join us for a speaking program and workshop on just this. Let's learn and work through these strategies together!

Join us for as we share some simple tips to bring light & joy into your life while saying goodbye to Old Man Winter Blue. We'll talk about how to bring some light into your life during this dark time of year, including:

  1. Take care of your body & mind
  2. Brighten you & your world
  3. Give back to others
  4. Take up a project
  5. Spend time with friends
  6. Listen to upbeat music
  7. Enjoy foods that boost energy

... And more!

This program is a very interactive program of sharing. While the topic sounds heavy - we'll have lots of fun too!

This event will be held at: St. Teresa's Education Center (256 Swamp Pike, Schwenksville)

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