Making The Move

A Deposit for Today… Rewards for Tomorrow!

Although we don’t plan to open until 2019, if you think that The Lodge may be the perfect community for you, we urge you to consider placing a fully refundable deposit with us. Why? Because there is no risk to reserving your spot today to ensure you get priority selection of apartments at The Lodge at Truitt Homestead. And because we know your situation can change between now and 2019 when we open, your deposit can be fully returned to you within 10 days of written notice. So the better question is really, why not?

You $2,500 fully refundable deposit gives you:

  • More options and choices than later depositors (Keep in mind, the earlier you deposit, the higher priority you will have in selections at The Lodge!)
  • Early access to The Lodges’ Charter Membership program, which gives you priority apartment and parking selections!

Learn more about all of the benefits of Charter Membership here.

And if you’re not ready to move in when The Lodge opens, that’s okay! At that time, you will then have the opportunity to add your name to a wait list for whatever specific unit type you are interested in, before the general public. This will secure your position if/when you decide you are ready to make the move.

Call us today to learn more – 302.232.6372