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Construction Update

Arcadia: August Construction Update

It's amazing how quickly the season goes by! We've seen much growth at Arcadia over the last few months, both in construction and in our growing deposit list.

People who have taken a leap of faith with us have done so because they see how incredible Arcadia will be when we open - both in the design and in the true sense of community it will create. And that list is growing just as quickly as the building! 

The Lodge - August Construction Update

Summer may be winding down, but construction at The Lodge has never been busier! If you've driven by the site recently, you may have noticed that siding is going up throughout the outside of the community, as well as the metal roof accents above balconies.

Inside the community we've reached an important milestone where drywall is starting to go up. Because of this milestone, soon we'll be busy installing cabinetry, lighting, and all the fixtures that will bring The Lodge to life! 

Arcadia - July Construction Update

The recent heatwave has NOT slowed down progress at Arcadia! For this month's construction update, Adam of Paul Risk Construction visited Arcadia for look at what's been going on since our last update. Check out the video below to see the fourth stair tower nearing completion, steel going up at one side of the building, and lots (and lots, and lots) of construction being poured!

The Lodge - July Construction Update

Arcadia - June Construction Update

Arcadia at Limerick Pointe - Senior Living in Limerick, PA

We hope you're enjoying the start of summer as much as we are! The weather has been very kind to construction at Arcadia and we are SO happy to announce that we have already built up four floors on the independent living side of the community.

Every time we drive by the site we see something new and different, but to get a fresh perspective I joined Kate Sammler for this month's construction update. DJ and Les of Paul Risk Construction were kind enough to lend us some hard hats and vests, and took us all the way up to the top floor! 

Arcadia: May 2019 Construction Update

Grab your hard hats - we're going to the site! A few weeks ago we jumped at the chance to visit Arcadia's construction site and take a look around with Superintendent Les. We brought the camera along so you could see all the exciting updates for yourself. 

The Lodge: May 2019 Construction Update

Lodge Construction Update

With just 7 months to go before opening, you can really start to see the community taking shape. For this month's update, we're taking you inside for a video tour with our community relations director, Michele Strum! 

In this video you'll get a sneak peek at The Lodge's:

Arcadia Construction Update - April

After an extremely wet few months, construction at Arcadia is officially in full swing!

We are ecstatic that excitement is growing as each day draws closer to our opening next year! Over the next few months, people driving by the community will begin to see the community going 'vertical' and a portion of the building is expected to be under roof over the summer.

March 2019 Construction Update - The Lodge

Despite inclement weather earlier this month, construction continues at a feverish pace and we can't wait to share what we've been up to!

The interior framing of the community continues, as well as roof installation. If you drive by the site you'll notice that balconies are going up and if you look closely you'll see the porte cochere that will grace our entrance being installed.

Arcadia at Limerick Pointe | February Construction Update

We're so happy to announce that Paul Risk Construction (PRC) will be managing the development of Arcadia at Limerick Pointe! We are very excited to begin this journey with the Paul Risk team and look forward to an exciting future with them at the helm of Arcadia's construction.

As a family-owned business, PRC and Vantage Point share many of the same values: teamwork, collaboration, and friendship, among others. This will translate into a great partnership and work environment at Arcadia. 

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