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We’re thrilled to announce our newest team addition, KC Gale! KC joins us as the Regional New Directions Coordinator and brings a wonderful track record in memory care.

“My position is to teach and learn alongside our team members in our New Directions philosophy and techniques. New Directions is our memory care program that will not only empower our residents and families, but also our staff.” KC says one of the best parts of her work is that she has the ability to time travel. “Part of our foundational philosophy in New Directions is to go where the resident is, so if it’s 1936 or 1966, I get to travel there with our residents!” She also enjoys the atmosphere at Vantage point, citing the atmosphere of trust, honesty, and respect in working relationships.

For fun, you can find KC by the water, be it the beach, bay, or river. She loves traveling to Puerto Rico and is always on the hunt for her next cookie jar to add to her collection.